Security Professional + High School Diploma

Prepare for employment in the security and protection fields. The high school program includes a 4-course career certificate so you graduate with real-world knowledge to advance in your chosen field.


Program Overview:

The Security Professional certificate program teaches students important protection and security principles needed to pursue employment in the security and protection fields.

Career Information and Outlook:

Some of the tasks that security guards perform include patrolling a specified area, writing reports on observations, and detaining violators. They may also monitor alarms and cameras for any suspicious activity. Guards protect people, money, merchandise, and sensitive records. For example, retail stores may employ security guards to help prevent shoplifting.

Employment of security guards is projected to grow faster than average from 2020-2030 and the occupation has a “bright outlook.” Overall job opportunities should be excellent, especially for security guards, who will continue to be needed to protect both people and property because of concerns about crime and vandalism.

 Topics You Will Learn About Include:

  • Types and factors of patrol
  • Factors of patrol
  • Basic public relations
  • Relations with police
  • Techniques for writing reports
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Crowd control
  • Evidence, witnesses, and providing testimony
  • Perimeter, area, and point protection systems
  • Techniques for controlling access and egress
  • Badges, digital controls, and barriers
  • Security of information
  • Occupational safety and health administration
  • Fire safety
  • Emergency measures plan
  • Advanced first aid
  • Receiving and responding to bomb threats
  • Common offenses
  • Legal jurisdictions

 Careers in This Field:

  • Security Guard
  • Protection or Security Officer
  • Campus or Hotel or Customer Service Security Officer
  • Custom Protection Officer
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Security Agent
  • Security Supervisor
  • Transportation Inspector
  • Baggage Screener

 What Do Students Graduate With?

  • High School Diploma from Career Online High School
  •  Security Professional Career Certificate